The feature film about young prisoners
of The Finnish camp.

The film company ATK-Studio has started production of a new feature-length film “Vesuri”. The genre of the film is a military drama. We would like to reveal in the film a little-known page of the history of the Great Patriotic War – the hard days of the occupation of Soviet Karelia by the Finns. The War was an ordeal for everyone, but especially for children. The story is based on the memories of young prisoners of Finnish immigrant camps.

The protagonists of the film are Petka and his friends Seryoga and a girl Zhenya. By a twist of fate, they find themselves in the camp. The children understand that their childhood is over, and now everything has a different meaning. They must live to survive and they have to survive! They have to survive in order to protect the Motherland, relatives and close people. You can fight with the enemy behind barbed wire, in spite of hunger, illness, by overcoming your fear. Thus, Pet’ka and his friends save the captain of the Red Army, experience terrible events, confront not only the brutal commandant of the camp, Major Virtanen, but also the local hooligan Vaska Solovei who was in Finns’ service


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